Indonesian Custom Fashion Forward Penetrating Quotes.


Indonesian Designer Fashion Forward, Patrick Owen, show last week only to his collection in Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. Patrick successfully penetrate the prestigious fashion event in Australia, attended by journalists and buyers from different countries no collaboration Jakarta Fashion Week and the Australian Centre Indonesia (AIC) are separated.
If the application of Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 last year, JFW and AIC seeks to increase competition, new talents in the fashion industry.
Patrick Owen was selected as the winner of Designers Award Fashion Indonesia Australia and receive a prize of AUD $ 10,000 and the possibility that the Australian market and get media coverage of Australian and international, as well as on the dance Virgin Australia Fashion Melbourne Festival launched this year,
In this competitive Indonesian Designer Fashion Forward, Peggy Hartanto Indonesia Australian Award winning fashion designer. When Patrick, Peggy also an important guest at the Melbourne Fashion Festival events to be presented in the international media, met with the winners of the Melbourne Fashion Festival National Designers Prize.
Director of Fashion Week Jakarta, said Lenni Tedja Fashion Week Jakarta, believes that global collaboration will generate innovation. It is also required by the designers of Indonesia, which will be motivated and dare to be able to penetrate the global market.

When Patrick, jersey liverpool garuda indonesia Peggy also an important guest at the Melbourne Fashion Festival events to be presented in the international media, met with the winners of the Melbourne Fashion Festival National Designers Prize.Patrick successfully penetrate the prestigious fashion event in Australia, attended by journalists and buyers from different countries no collaboration Jakarta Fashion Week and the Australian Centre Indonesia (AIC) are separated.

Director of Fashion Week Jakarta, said Lenni Tedja Fashion Week Jakarta, believes that global collaboration will generate innovation. It is also required by the designers of Indonesia, which will be motivated and dare to be able to penetrate the global market.




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cara memakai jilbab

How To Wear A Headscarf According To Islamic Sharia

How To Wear A Headscarf According To Islamic Sharia | How to wear a headscarf according to Islamic Sharia with fashionable style is indispensable for the womenfolk who surely keep sticking with Islamic Sharia. Here I will present how to wear hijab rectangle according to Islamic Sharia, hijab rectangular models this model can be used to fill out the events or activities such as family events, religious events and the streets. In the guide how to wear hijab jilbab Islamic Sharia According using a rectangle, a square scarf is suitable as a way of wearing a hijab appropriate Islamic Sharia.

After so many visits at various sites on or, I found a reference on the website on how to wear hijab according to Islamic Sharia. Model headscarf according to Islamic sharia is applied by the womenfolk in order to look beautiful and appropriate Islamic Sharia. Therefore, if you want to know how to wear a headscarf according to Islamic Sharia can pay close attention to the steps beriktu:

First step: Use the inner veil before then prepare a rectangle hijab has a lively and bright.

Step two: Take one end of the scarf, then place the ends of the scarf over the head, then use a needle pin pentul.

Third step: Then bentangkanlah around the sides of the scarf to the front of the body or your chest like the one in the picture. Then make sure that you hold the left and right ends of the scarf.
cara memakai jilbab
The fourth step: pull the veil that is hold by using the right hand leading to the back of your torso, then seize with your left hand.

Step five: lift up the veil which hung down, then place the veil on your head.

Sixth step: Sematkanlah on hijab which is located on the left side of your head using a needle pentul so that it is not easy to open.

Well, here’s the result in the form of model jilbab Islamic Sharia, said Islamic veil because according to cover the chest female.

Thus the information on how to wear hijab according to Islamic Sharia | Good article on how to wear hijab according to Islamic Sharia can be beneficial. If you want information about jilbab, you can find at cara memakai jilbab

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understanding banks and their functions

Understanding bank | This is the sense that many banks made reference in the sense of knowing the bank, well here are some notions of the bank according to the experts who could be made to supplement your knowledge:

1. Understanding the bank according to Dr. B.N. Ajuha is somewhere to channel capital from those who can not be used in the process of penguntungan to those who can make it seem more productive to give an advantage to the community.

2. Understanding the bank according to G.M. Verryn Stuart is a business entity whose existence to satisfy all the needs of others by way of giving credit in the form of money that he received from the other though with how to add new money as coins or paper money.

3. Understanding bank according to Pierson is a business entity that can receive credit but can’t give credit where its operational passive for just by accepting a deposit of money.

4. Understanding the bank according to Drs. h. Melayu S.P. Hasibuan is a wealth of business entities including financial assets and profit as well as patterned social so banks aren’t just looking for a good thing.

5. Understanding the bank according to the law No. 10 In 1998, is a business entity that collects the funds derived from the community in the form of deposits and distribute to the public in the form of credit or in the form of another to improve the livelihood of many people.

About the meaning of the bank then it is certain that everyone has understood, well that never get education in school or who never sekolahpun certainly know the meaning of the bank. Although not all people have savings in the bank, but the bank often encountered in our daily lives, such as advertising on TV ad shows a lot of banks, or are travelling we can see the bank building.

I think we all agree that the meaning of a bank is a place we are saving money or saving, and also as a place to be able to borrow money. In this article, will be discussed about the notion of a bank with a full, origin of the word bank, began to sense the bank in General, and the sense of the bank according to the law of the Government.

The origin of the word bank is Italy’s banca which means money. In General, that the notion of a bank is a financial intermediation generally is established by having the authority to accept deposits of money, killed lend money, and issue a promissory note or known banknote.

As for the notion of the bank according to the legislation of the Republic of Indonesia No. 10 of 1998 on 10 November 1998 concerning banking, is meant as a bank is a business entity that collects funds from society which forms as deposits and can be passed on to the community in the form of credit and other forms of order to improve people’s livelihood.
From an understanding of the bank according to the laws of the country of INDONESIA number 10 in 1998 then the conclusion that banking business includes three activities, i.e. to raise funds, distribute funds, and provide services to other banks. Collect and distribute funds activity is an activity of principal bank as for the provided services to other banks is just as supporting activities. Activities to raise funds, in the form of raising funds originating from the community in the form of savings, checking, and simpana deposits. Usually punctuated the granting of interest such as retribution, gifts and flowers as an inducement for people to be happy to save money. The activity of distributing funds, such as the granting of loans to the public. Banking services while the other is given in support of all the major activity for smoothness.
B. types of Banks
1. The Central Bank of the bank in charge of issuing coins and banknotes as a means of payment is valid in a country and can maintain the money conversion to gold or silver or both.

2. Public Bank is a bank that not only can lend or invest the savings of all kinds which have been acquired, but could also provide a loan by creating its own form of money giral.

3. The people of the people’s Bank (BPR) which is a bank that does business activities by means of conventional or Islamic principles on the basis of its activities could not provide services on payment traffic.

4. Islamic banks are banks that can operate on the basis of the principles for the appropriate rule result Islamic teachings regarding the law of usury.
C. Functioning Of The Bank

1. Gather funds in order to perform its function as the collecting bank then has a number of funding sources that outline three main sources, namely:

a. the funds that come from the bank’s own capital at the time of deposit of the establishment.

b. funds from society at large have been collected through the banking business such as business checking deposits, tabanas and deposits.

c. Funds stemming from financial institutions that have been retrieved from the loan funds as liquidity and Credit Call Money (money that can be withdrawn at any time by the bank the borrower) and can meet the requirements. Maybe you’ve never heard of some of the banks have been liquidated or suspended efforts to his bank, one of the causes of these conditions is because of the many ongoing credit problems or crashes.

2. Contracting funds that have been collected by the bank can be channeled to the community with the form of granting credit, purchase of securities, participation, and possession of the property remains.

3. Waiter Services Bank in carrying out duties as a waiter in payment traffic, then do all kinds of activities such as remittances, inkaso, credit cards, checks and other services.

As for the specifics of banks could function to be agent of the trust, agent of develovment and agent of services.

1. Dealer/lender Bank on its activities rather than just deposit funds have been obtained, but also for its utilization can bank redistributes in the form of a credit to the community’s wish to require fresh funds in his efforts. Of course on the implementation of this function is then expected banks to get the source of income for the results or in the form of the granting of credit interest. Granting credit may pose risks, therefore his deed must be absolutely meticulous

1. Agent Of Trust

The institution based upon trust. A cornerstone of the activities of the perbankkan trust, both collectors of funds or pendistribusi funds. The community will want to keep their funds in the bank if based upon trust. This function will wake up the trust, either from the bank or from the funds of the keeper, and this belief continued to the debtor. This belief is very important because in this State was built so all parties would like to be able to benefit both from the diversion of funds and holding funds or for the recipient pendistribusi the Fund.

2. Agent Of Development

I.e. the institution that moves funds in economic development. The activities of the bank in the form of collecting and pendistribusi funds will be indispensable for lancarnya an activity in real sector of economy. The activities of the bank makes possible communities can undertake an investment activity, the activities of distribution, as well as the consumption of goods and services, given that the investment activities, distribution and consumption could not be released from the use of the money. Smooth investment activities, distribution, and consumption are economic development activities for the community.

3. Agent Of Services

The institutions that move the funds for economic development. In addition to the activity of collecting and disbursing the funds, the bank can also provide quotes for other banking services to masyarakan. Services offered the bank coupled with economic activities in society in General.
D. Reform Of The Bank

Package June 1983 is banking that a policy has been issued on June 1, 1983, known as packet non ceiling policy, meaning that it has been free of banking conditions the upper limit (ceiling) for interest rates. This means that banks can determine the interest rate that will be offered to the community in accordance with the reasoning alone. Banks can offer credit at low interest rates and sebalikmua banks could offer interest rates on savings or deposits with the price ceiling. Consideration in the determination of interest rates that is returned to the bank in accordance with each of the prnsip economy in the form of guarantee the viability of the bank.
Fine points of banking deregulation policies 1 June 1983, which are:
1. Launched credit (ceiling policy) exempt means any bank can hold its credit expansion is appropriate management of every bank on the basis of the bank’s loanable funds had had enough.
2. the Loanable funds originating from bank Indonesia liquidity and credit (KLBI) that are restricted and can only be given for any credit that is a priority.
3. Each bank is free to determine the level of interest in the deposits and interest for the loan.
PAK TO 1988
The policy package kebjakan June 1, 1983 in terms of mobilizing funds and spur increased efficiency for a resumption of banking deregulation in the banking field. Indeed, one of the goals in the field of banking deregulation and that is creating a climate which triggered a healthy business competition among many in improving the efficiency of its business activities.
In early 1988, the State of the economy in Indonesia has improved. This will encourage pemerntah to continue and further extending the area of banking deregulation policy that with the promulgation of the policy package, October 27, 1998 (pakto 1988) which was the beginning of “liberalisation in the banking sector”.
The purpose of the 1988 pakto namely:
a. Increased the movement of funds and allocation of funds
b. optimization of utilization of financial and banking institutions to function as a means in transactions which may encourage the export of non-oil and gas exports
c. the onset of increased efficiency and ease in bank establishments
d. The control of monetary policy as well as the emergence of a climate of development in the capital markets.

In general the purpose of a planned deregulation can be concluded that:
a. Simplification process all kinds of economic activity.
b. Emphasis fees non productive on areas of the economy.
c. Efficiency of institutions of economic actors.
d. Reduction of government intervention for the economy
e. increase the role of the private sector which added to the economy.
f. strives to enhance the competitiveness of existing products in the country in order to compete in the international economic scene.

Thus information on understanding banks and their functions | Hopefully the information regarding the understanding of the bank and its functions can provide benefit in adding insights about understanding banks and their functions.

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Make Incredible Pots Of Coffee

Make Incredible Pots Of Coffee
How to Make Incredible Pots Of Coffee

Around the globe, espresso is the breakfast drink of decision. Espresso is heavenly and has an amazing smell that holds individuals returning. The vast majority aren’t conceived knowing how to make the ideal container. The accompanying tips can issue you that information you hunger for.

Charcoal-separated water is awesome for blending espresso. There are charcoal water channels you can introduce into your sink, with the goal that you channel your faucet water with charcoal. Something else, search for coffee machines that have a charcoal channel introduced in them as of now. General stores and mass merchandisers additionally offer water channels.

In the event that you appreciate having espresso in a mixed bag of flavors, buy syrups or flavors that you can include in the wake of blending. The flavors won’t defile your coffee maker brands on the off chance that they are included in the wake of fermenting. You can likewise utilize the machine to serve your visitor any flavor they need. Verify flavorings are added before the milk to encourage careful disintegration.

Store entire espresso beans in a hermetically sealed holder. Verify that the compartment is a dim shading and not clear. The holder ought to be put away in a zone that is cool and dry. The root basement is the best place to store your espresso. The cooler can be utilized to store your espresso if no other suitable space is accessible.

In case you’re telecommuting, you can utilize espresso to escape from the house. Coffeehouses highlight free WiFi for web access, implying that you can work from that point rather than home. Remember that a considerable measure of eateries have Internet too.

You ought to comprehend what sort of espresso you need and recognize what sort of espresso beans or toils you have to make it with. Medium ground beans get utilized with espresso creators, while finely ground are for coffee. A French press espresso machine needs coarse ground beans.

Never put your espresso over your stove or another warmth source. Your espresso will be destroyed on the off chance that you put it close to any sort of warmth source. Wherever in the kitchen close to the broiler, even the pantry close it or the ledges that are close by, ought to be forbidden.

To what extent you mix your espresso will affect the last flavor. Four to five minutes is the ideal time for espresso blending. Less preparing than that will bring about frail taste and more than that will be too astringent.

Great espresso obliges awesome water. You may need to utilize filtered water for this reason. In the event that you would rather not utilize filtered water, think about acquiring as a water purifier. Despite the fact that its not the same thing as filtered water, it will at present have a superior taste than customary faucet water.

Make practice runs with your espresso creator after you first purchase one. You need to put water through it before you put any espresso through it. The water will clean tidy out of the espresso producer that amassed after it was made.

To bring down your stimulant utilization, you don’t have to quite recently stopped. Yet that isn’t vital. You can chop down the measure of stimulant gradually by granulating your own particular mix of half jazzed and half non-juiced espresso beans. Verify that you keep the greater part of the proportions the same on the off chance that you are lessening the juice content.

In the wake of purchasing espresso beans and opening the pack, don’t abandon them in that sack as your stockpiling arrangement. You require a compartment that keeps the beans out of the air and light. This helps the beans stay fresher longer.

Do you need to have milk with your espresso? You can utilize drain in a mixed bag of routes for espresso. Something as straightforward as warming your milk or foaming it can change the essence of your espresso. You can likewise change the measure of milk you put into your espresso to experience diverse flavors.

On the off chance that you don’t include desserts like sugar or cream, you can smolder fat with espresso. Drinking espresso with sugar may nullify this impact, notwithstanding. Think about having as some dark espresso preceding breakfast as a technique for weight control.

For best results, your espresso ought to be put away in a superbly water/air proof canister or container. Air makes espresso beans stale. Restricted valve sacks are just compelling until they are opened. After that the substance ought to be exchanged to a hermetically sealed compartment. Their explanation behind being is to permit air to escape after the beans have been cooked.

It is not astute to keep your ground espresso or espresso beans in the cooler. Some think this is a smart thought in light of the fact that it will stay new and taste better more. As a general rule, the espresso will assimilate the majority of the smells from the icebox.

Individuals everywhere throughout the world appreciate espresso. Couple of things are more engaging than the aroma and taste of a rich, vigorous espresso drink. When you have recently a little know-how, you can make the espresso that you cherish each time you drink it. Utilize the data displayed above to realize everything you can about espresso.

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W.RLX.302.W jam rolex daytona couple (3)

The Rolex Datejust Vs Rolex Day-Date Chief executive

W.RLX.302.W jam rolex daytona couple (3)The 2 most popular versions of Rolex wristwatches may be the particular Rolex Day-Date Presidential because well as the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust. The Datejust has been introduced in 1945, while the Day-Date President has been first showcased within 1956 on the Basel Reasonable. These versions became the flagship models, taking Rolex in order to new heights. Discerning customers have valued these versions mainly because of their look and special functionality. A comprehensive review and assessment associated with those models will certainly allow a person to understand the basic distinctions bewteen barefoot and shoes.

Exactly how is usually often the Rolex Datejust various from a Rolex Day-Date President?

Basic Difference: The simple difference among each the, that’s evident inside their names as well, is whilst the Datejust versions display only the date, concerning the Rolex Day-Date Usa president models, occur to be able in order to see each date since well as the day. The particular date will be displayed via a tiny aperture upon the several o’clock position. In Usa president models, your own day is spelt out (in 26 languages) on the 12 o’clock place.

Metal Used: The Oyster Perpetual Datejust is certainly available in metal steel, 18k yellow/white gold plus Rolesor (steel and then any one kind of gold). The Female Datejust can be pertaining to sale in pink (rose) gold and platinum. Of all of the common models, the particular metal and two-tone versions of Datejust are already popular.

On a single other hand, the particular Day-Date versions are not regarding sale in stainless. These types of are made exclusively within platinum or 18ct yellow, white or pink precious metal.

Size associated with the Case: All of Rolex Day-Date models may be found getting a situation of size 36mm intended for guys also since for females, whilst the situation size is various inside the Datejust models. The particular standard situation size for men is 36mm as well since females this is 26/29mm. Rolex at this point offers a mid-sized version in Datejust models, which functions the case of size 31mm. Lately, Rolex released the particular release of Datejust in the Basel Fair within 2008 that will features a good instance of 34mm size.

The early Datejust versions featured the domed back again a lot like that will found inside the Rolex Bubbleback. Although the particular early Chief executive case has been large, it never got a domed back. So, need to you be considering in order to purchase an antique variety along with the watch, create sure you are aware of this model difference.

Bracelets: The style of bracelet more than these 2 popular Rolex models offers long already been one associated with the major reasons for identifying all of them. The Datejust models at first flaunted the particular Jubilee Band. The Jubilee bracelet provides a unique check out out the particular timepiece with three main links flawlessly complimented by broader hyperlinks around the edge. On one other hand, within 1956, whenever Rolex Day-date model was released, it sported a whole new band referred to as “President” bracelet. This bracelet has become popular with regard to the powerful appearance featuring broader central hyperlink offset by narrower hyperlinks close to the edges. In several popular versions, the Leader bracelet flaunts sparkling gemstones around the central link. Another standard function that may become discovered in most Day-Date models may be the particular concealed hold within the bracelets, unlike in Datejust models.

By 1957 ( one particular full yr after Day-Date design had been launched ), Rolex provided three types of bracelets to get the Datejust collection namely, the typical Jubilee bracelet, the Oyster bracelet since well since the leather tie. The Oyster bracelet arrives with a central hyperlink flanked simply by narrower hyperlinks on the sides. A few Datejust versions can be found along with all the Super Chief executive bracelet option.

In 2000, Rolex released the Day-Date watch with the Oyster band option, that has already been intended for sale in 18k platnium, white-colored gold plus pink (rose) gold.

The “Jubilee” band can be accessible in “only metal version” within Stainless Metal Datejust versions. Since, Chief executive models are not pertaining to sale in metal, there isn’t any this kind of bracelet style on their behalf. Nevertheless, you have the selection along with the “Super Jubilee” Karat bracelet within yellow-colored gold.

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Grand Canyon Development Plans Put River on Endangered List

Grand Canyon

The course of the Colorado River, which winds through the Grand Canyon in mind a new list of the most endangered rivers in the country to open a mirror image of the controversial plans for a uranium mine in the area again and build a tram that would take visitors to a new restaurant and river walkways on the bottom of the canyon.

Colorado was identified ten rivers, the environmental group American Rivers as imminent threats, in a list published Tuesday. The rivers on the list are not necessarily endangered or dirty, said Sinjin Eberle, deputy director of communications group for the basin of the Colorado River. Rather, they are the ones pushing the interest group asking the public to government authorities to protect in the coming months.



Other rivers on the list are the Columbia River in Washington and Oregon, where the group said that obsolete dams decimated populations of salmon and trout; the Holston River in Tennessee, under the threat of chemical pollution; Smith River in Montana, where it is called the group a copper mine project in the wild river trout population at risk; and the Saint-Louis, the group proposed a drink copper-nickel sulfide mine in Minnesota, where he says the impact on aquatic organisms and wildlife.

Over the last few million years the Colorado cut through the layers of limestone, sandstone, slate and decided to form a canyon in Arizona, which is more than a mile deep in places. And even if it is still impressive and unpredictable, the river by upstream dams, which changed its currents and water temperature, and processed by pollution and in the vicinity of the development. (Learn more about Colorado rescue in “The American Nile.”)

Revitalization “mine Zombie”
The 277-mile stretch of the lower Colorado is ranked first on the list of groups for the three proposals: the reopening of a planned uranium mine near the 1.6-mile light rail project that would help tourist development new activities on the edge of the canyons for the floor of the gorge, and a major expansion of the city Tusayan Arizona.

A mining company, Energy Fuels Resources, tries to open the Canyon Mine near the south rim of Grand Canyon again and also to reach 1200 feet sink ore from the tree.

In 2012, the Obama administration announced a federal moratorium on new mining claims in the area, but four existing mines remain near the throat.

In this short by filmmaker Peter McBride, the river, the narrator of a visual poem that tells the story of its history, significance and potential future results.

“She casually as” mines Zombie, “because if the uranium price goes down, mines interrupt their operation and start working again if the price goes up,” said Eberle. “It just happened.”

Uranium has contaminated groundwater in the area. Because of the radiation leak on the south bank, the National Park Service warns hikers not to drink the water in a nearby creek.

But the spokesman for Energy Fuels Resources Curtis Moore said the natural erosion origin uranium deposits in the canyon have more influence on the park, as mines outside its borders.


“Unfortunately, there are a lot of misinformation about our activities,” Moore wrote in an emailed statement. “Everything we do in this small mines, is the removal of a rock uranium less than 20 hectares . Our mines “” facilities are regulated zero discharge, no danger to the Grand Canyon, water or natural environment. ”

American Rivers also cites the potential impact of the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade. (See “at the edge of the Grand Canyon” to learn more.)

Since 2012, a private developer with the Navajo Nation has negotiated on hotels, restaurants, Dude Ranch, and a spa area on the rim and the cable car to build the tram in the throat. The level of the river at the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado rivers, plans include a two-story restaurant and elevated walkways. The project has not been approved by the Navajo Nation Tribal Council and has sparked debate on the reservation and other local tribes over whether the development amounts to a slap in the face to Native American culture or a stroke much needed economic boost. The tribal council could vote on the proposal this summer.

The group American Rivers would come down in the throat concerned about the construction of the tramway and bulldozers and cranes attractions-how related, for example, and go over the potential impact of new visitors to the canyon on the tram. The group is also involved in the use of water and wastewater treatment for the development of the margin.

Calls for comment developer of research has not been returned. But on their website, Confluence Partners, a group that developers R. Lamar Whitmer and some Navajo Indian says the project will not affect the holy places, and it would be “one of the most environmentally friendly and green projects ever built. ”

The nearby town of Tusayan plans to expand to about 200 to more than 2,000 houses, with three million square feet of commercial space, in anticipation of a boom in tourism.

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China, Singapore Join Japan, South Korea in Scrutinizing Thailand Flights


download (1)

China came to Japan and South Korea to limit flights from Thailand since the creepy kingdom to address “serious security problems” of the International Organization of the United Nations (ICAO).

In addition, monitoring inspections and ramp aircraft operating at Changi Airport Thai carrier has been increased, in accordance with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore.

Audit January in Thailand, “revealed some security issues, especially on operators certification processes,” said Anthony Philbin, head of communications for the Secretary General of ICAO in Montreal in a reply e -mail to a request for VOA. “We can further details on the agreement between the organization and its member states not to discuss the conduct and communication of the results of the monitoring of the ICAO Safety . ”

Thailand experienced the impact of tourism

representatives of the travel industry in Thailand are concerned about the perception that the country is now unsafe airlines can still hurt tourism. The largest sector of the Thai economy, employing millions of people, was surrounded in the past 18 months. Concerns about the safety of tourists and political instability

In an effort to calm the passengers, Director General of Civil Aviation of Thailand, Somchai Piputvat said Tuesday that defects in the ICAO audits are legal, airline security weaknesses.

“It is safe to fly carrier based in Thailand,” Somchai told Voice of America.

But industry sources say the biggest problems with low-cost airlines that do not meet safety standards, including certificates for aircraft operations and transport of dangerous goods connected.

Thailand to solve problems

The Director General explained that the two plates to put in place immediately: an address reform of the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the security classification Thailand further reduction of ICAO.

The Authority of Civil Aviation has long been the policy that does not weigh enough staff to cope with a surge in the number of airlines that have been established in Thailand in recent years. It was announced that the additional training its employees and aerial inspections must be increased.

“It’s our fault, and we must admit that we have broken the rules, and we need ways to solve this problem,” said Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-OCHA, who took power in a coup military last May.

The former army chief also said he uses the powers under § 44 of the provisional business problems airlines would set in Thailand.

Section 44 allows an effective junta leader to give orders in its sole discretion, without judicial or other report.

The Department of Transportation met with airline representatives in the country on Tuesday to discuss the problem.

Other countries respond to questions about the airlines in Thailand

A negative evaluation of ICAO, has led some countries are beginning to block new and charter flights to Thailand. There is a concern, other countries, including the United States to take a similar decision, especially if ICAO Thailand downgraded from Category 1 Category 2.

US government source – who was not authorized to speak on the record – said the ICAO report is likely to cause the aviation industry audit in Thailand by the Federal Aviation Administration. He urged the ICAO audit results “real red flag for ABC.”

Not to conduct their own assessments and usually rely on the results of the ICAO to take action in Japan and South Korea.

Civil Aviation Bureau of Japan said that for the moment no new charter airlines flights recorded in Thailand is not allowed to fly to airports in Japan because of the fear of the media can not comply with safety standards International.

Thai officials criticize past leaders

Thailand officials accuse politicians of previous governments, not focusing on the problem.

“ICAO has warned us about our Aviation Administration in 2005 and asked us to improve our system,” said Prajin.

ICAO has reported a plan to improve the Civil Aviation Authority, which was filed on March 2, because he rejected a two-year period, offered to fix the problem. Thailand plans to introduce, on April 7 in the revised proposal, and promised to solve the problems for eight months.

Critics say civil aviation in Thailand suffers from frequent changes of government, corruption, complacency and incompetence.

Internet forums professional drivers, industry workers say the Thai government inspectors have been bribed in the liquid massage positive sign on the documents.

Somchai told VOA that these statements are not to get his attention.

“It is the purpose of my government and the policy not just corruption in Thailand or in the department of civil aviation. I will look very carefully, and immediately,” he said.

The US aviation industry Thai carefully

FAA provides its own security assessment in Thailand, which would result in three essential areas: airworthiness of aircraft and the operator’s driver license requirements, the official said the United States by the usual methods.

FAA downgrade Thailand would mean, among other things, the suspension of codeshare operations, where the Thai operations support the carrier.

Influence of negative reports airlines are already feeling

Currently operates flights were affected during the audit of ICAO. But the loss of new flights and accommodation during the months of April-May high season, more than 150 000 passengers concern, according to the Bangkok Post.

Tour Operators said that has caused the prices of some visits during the Songkran festival almost doubled.

Association of Thai Travel Agents, said that Japan imposed restrictions could result in the fall of 2000 to April, Japanese visitors to Thailand.

In addition to the airline Kingdom, Thai Airways International, an ICAO security warning also affects low-cost carrier Thai Air Asia X, NokScoot Orient Thai SKYVIEW and Asia Atlantic Airlines.

It is not convenient “to give interviews or comments on this topic at the moment,” said Nuttavika Tamthai an international head of corporate communications for Thai Airways.

airline controlled by the state announced Monday that after the publication of annual losses in the past two years, he expects a significant deterioration in 2015, before returning to profitability next year, partly due to the sale of aircraft and reduced routes.

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Central African Republic, diamonds fuel the cycle of violence and poverty

In the last two years, Wilhelm Benam spent most of his days with the back-breaking work, the hunt for riches, that many of his compatriots fought for so long.


With three partners, shoveling heavy wet clay in baskets and wooden sieve and then guess Shin in deep water, dirt, and thus the flow of the milk chocolate color.
Then three squats and peers closely curling cigarette smoke through the air as crippling jungle Benam scratch Patel through the wire mesh with something the size of a pencil tip that could feed a family for a month or more diamonds, some of the highest quality and the most valuable on Earth.
So far, all he has to show his work spots, stains, grains and pebbles.
“It’s a gamble. Sometimes you get and sometimes you get nothing,” said Benam. “We were looking for. I’ve been around for over two years on research.”


Deep in the woods of one of the poorest countries in the world, the search for diamonds Benam search of livelihoods. It is also a sign of trouble in the country in which the absence of government has a void in the rural areas where the shedding of blood and sectarian proceeds of crime leaving.
Central African Republic has become a country whose borders exist only on maps, where state power is mainly limited to 25 square miles, occupied the capital Bangui, if any.
Two years ago, mostly Muslim militants, known collectively as selectors took power, then robbed the country: from jewelry – diamonds, gold and ivory – the profane – weapons, vehicles, office supplies and food. The group is mainly Christian and animist militias responded later and selectivity in the countryside.

Today smaller car country collecting gang strongholds, armed groups, in which political and ethnic groups in all that revenue may give religious, military, fight against the ruled.
This state “that has long ceased to exist,” said the International Crisis Group in a report this year.
In a country troubled by ethnic, religious nuances of the tension and the history of bad government, the last battle of the natural wealth of the country was, after all, is inevitable.
If there are no diamonds, it is likely to be something else.


Many curse
You travel all over the jungles, forests, river valleys and the Central African Republic to arid plains, where vast natural resources are and you begin to understand the contradictions, as a rich country can be so bad.
Under French colonial rule, foreign companies, the country’s diamonds, gold, cotton, wood, rubber and other natural resources are exploited, but little long-term way of infrastructure or controls which allowed the entire country fixed bind.
The country’s independence in 1960, but, as often, the new wealth and the government’s weakness has fueled a wave of corruption and the fight for control of the generosity of gems and other resources.

1965 coup, Colonel Bedel Bokassa former army violations Jean-found stability over the next 49 years, creating a “political culture characterized by violence and economic plunder,” the United Nations.
Over 14 years in power, Bokassa ruled with an iron fist. He proclaimed himself emperor in 1977, he established a luxurious coronation, following the example of Napoleon, costing millions of dollars, an astronomical sum for a poor country.
Two years after the coronation, riots and a scandal involving pupils, school uniforms and dozens dead following the French troops suffered Bokassa. The next 24 years were marked by a military junta, rebellions, coups and contested elections.
In 2003, General François Bozizé took power. Despite the small uprising and discussion of connected diamonds in 2008, take Bozizé discontent not take place until March 2013, when a group of rebels and rebel groups such as the known selectivity comes from Muslim traditional strongholds in the north and east and captured Bangui power.
According to United Nations estimates that about 3,000 civilians were killed between December last year to mid-August Foreign media and non-governmental groups exceeded to estimate the number of deaths 5,000.
Muslims are a minority in the Central African Republic, only about 15 percent of the 4.6 million inhabitants.
For many Muslims, the increase in selectivity was injustice agent passed into the hands of the Christian majority. In the north and east, infrastructure, such as roads or electricity in its infancy, at best, and income far behind the West and Southwest.


10 months selectivity generally under Michel Djotodia characterized by fear and looting campaign in Bangui.
“During the time of the descent selectivity owned equity houses, shops and hospitals have reached epidemic proportions,” IAMR, a Belgian research firm said in a “published Nov. 24 by the central and western part of the force of the dial countries in their report back ahead systematically looted towns and villages, sometimes destroying whole villages to the ground. ”
For many Christians, the increase in selectivity is confirmed fears that Muslims came to consolidate control over large parts of the economy in the diamond trade.
Adding to the chaos were offset loyalty among ethnic groups that make up the two sides, and the involvement of mercenaries and irregular forces of Chad, Sudan and other countries, especially in alliance with the selection units.
The reign of selectivity ended December 2013 offensive against the Christian militias, primarily as anti-Balaka this “anti-machetes,” a reference to a weapon by men, generally known selectivity literally translated.
Selectivity group withdrew from the capital in the village. But they kept some of the areas in the north and center of the country.

Wilhelm Benam

Djotodia Bozizé then exiled in Benin. The Mayor of Bangui, stylish insurance broker of 58 years named Catherine Samba Panza was appointed interim president in January.
Mahamat Kamoun: In August, in a gesture of reconciliation with the electoral groups, he appointed prime minister a Muslim.

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GET LOST  in the old town SAMURAI JAPANS

lost samurai

It was early morning in Kanazawa Higashi Chaya historic district, a number of old timbered houses of tea in a city that is both folded in their design and history. Steam blowing of stone road. A geisha crossed the empty street like a stray cat, only geta wooden sandals Click to follow it up. And yet, I have not come here looking for geisha. I wanted to learn more about the world of another Japanese symbol: the Samurai

Located between the Sea of ​​Japan and the Japanese Alps in western Japan Kanazawa is to learn one of the best in the country, the history of the samurai. The city was spared destruction during World War II and one of the best preserved walled cities in the Edo period. This is one of the few cities in Japan for a neighborhood samurai. Of course samurai were abolished at the end of the 19th century that Japan modernized, so that you will not find here today samurai. But a large part of their world remains.

To travel 473 km from Tokyo to Kanazawa used to five hours to complete and require changing planes. But the journey is now much easier. March 14, 2015, the new Hokuriku Shinkansen (bullet train) live from West Japan Railway Company is managed to reduce the time in half to travel. And as the slower trains, he arrived in Kanazawa Station, often ranked as one of the best in the world.

I have always been fascinated by the samurai to abandon these warriors, who were almost inhuman stoic and ready the sword of their masters or kill someone disrespectful. At least that is how I would have thought to be samurai through films such as The Last Samurai and 13 Assassins. I wanted to learn that there was more to his story.

On my first morning in Kanazawa, I made a trip to the district of Higashi Chaya and met Kiyoe Nagashima sixth generation resident and office manager Kanazawa. The beating taiko drum in a nearby temple filled the air, evoke the feeling, I often when in a foreign country. The next pulse of life

“Kanazawa is not a place for amusement parks, but a place to live,” she said, her face beaming with pride. In fact, in most cases, the city is dotted with a modern metropolis with shops luxury like Louis Vuitton. However, Higashi Chaya is anything but modern.

After Nagashima in the maze of teahouses, temple and restored houses of samurai, I felt like Alice slipping down the rabbit hole. We walked along the row of beautiful half-timbered building, refusing a narrow street lined with gingko trees yellowing. Then we ran on a steep path that was so thin and discreet, I thought we were in a private driveway intrusion. When we arrived at the top, but the branches of the road in several narrow winding streets. Kanazawa streets were partly designed to mislead and confuse foreigners, and I had to learn first hand, they do it effectively.

From the top of the hill, we went in the neighboring Utatsuyama. Samurai lived in Buddhist temples here, ‘said Nagashima, working as security guards called Bukan. The roofs of the stately wooden houses, with detailed sculptures sprouted from clusters of gingko and maple.

Nagashima said the samurai who flourished during the Edo period (1603-1868) in this city of almost nothing like the savage warrior I imagined. In this peaceful golden age, the feudal military class focused much of his energy to scholarly pursuits and crafts. Since the highest social caste during this period, the samurai residences built extravagant and opulent garden behind the thick walls of earth, you can still references the walls today. Of course, most of the samurai in Japan has never lived this luxurious peaceful lifestyle. The refined samurai Kanazawa was an anomaly makes possible lack of interest in their sovereign power and love for art.

Kanazawa greatest architectural remnants of the era of the samurai is the magnificent white Kanazawa Castle on a hill, 360-degree view of the city offers peace. The castle was built in the 16th century by the Maeda family, the beloved ruler of Kanazawa, until 1868. During the Maeda excludes the castle was their fortress surrounded by a moat and wall that still stands aujourd ‘hui. Striking white tiled roof of the castle is topped lead. Next to the castle, the garden Kenrokuen is home plum, cherry and Japanese maple trees and is considered one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan.

We sat on the Nagamachi district that was once the home of the great samurai and the middle class. Many original buildings were demolished during the Japanese industrial revolution. Nevertheless, streets paved area, towering walls of mud and remain quiet canal, and some houses restored samurai are open to the public, including Nomura House, artifacts of its eponymous family opened.

I returned home the next day and Nomura strolled inside, waiting, swords, armor, and maybe a few paintings immortalized moments to find the triumphant battle. Rice or wallpaper panels – – created by personal Maeda family artists Instead, I was greeted by a koi pond and Zen fusuma.

Then I remembered something Nagashima has been said about the tour: “To defend Kanazawa Maeda encouraged the arts and crafts samurai rather than focus to beat, so they can not threaten communities with the greatest power, and so was not. pressed. Consequently, there was in fact almost no fighting in Kanazawa for 400 years. ”

Maybe it was the real lesson of Kanazawa Samurai. Your best weapon is not the sword, but their emphasis on the arts – a smart defense tactic in disguise.

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Veins of the earth: Crawling inside an active volcano

veins of the earth

Sweat soaked my shirt as I fell total darkness, groping in the robust glass walls for support while trying not to hit my head on the ceiling of shrinkage.

We were deep in Piton de la Fournaise, an active shield volcano on the island of Reunion. This is a national park of the Meeting, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Earlier our group examined the desolate landscape red at the top of the volcano La Plaine des Sables, which is very similar to NASA images I saw looks of Mars. Strange rock formations in many red set over the hills and craters in all directions.

The sudden change in the landscape of lush forests on a red wave-apocalyptic terrain is quite shocking.

Reunion is a French island off the east coast of Africa. The tip of a huge underwater volcano that rises 4,000 feet from the bottom of the Indian Ocean. It is one of the most active volcanic hotspots in the world with more than 150 eruptions since the 17th century.

In fact, the “tip of the oven” broke out a few days before our arrival.

However, this particular lava caves we explore an eruption in 2010 left the lava cooled and quenched by flows years ago, we were not in danger.

The June 2014 eruption occurred on another side of the volcano.

Inside the earth

Kneepads and helmets before it leads attached sprinkled on a black lava field with green plants hardened our Laventure. Volcanic soil is incredibly

fertile because of the large amounts of iron, magnesium, potassium and other minerals it contains.

The cave entrance is through a small hole in the crust.

It looks a bit like a gaping mouth. We change our flagship and the descent into darkness.

Lava tubes are formed when lava red ribbons cool out of a volcano, edges and thicken in an insulating crust, creating a roof over lava flows again.

Finally, the flow is deflected or stopped, so that tunnel.

Exploring lava tubes

walls of lava tubes are very bright, almost glass-like, reflecting the spotlight. Frozen lava stalactites dripping from the ceiling “lavacicles” of different shapes and sizes to create.

The passage is 8-10 meters wide and 6.5 meters high for much of the one-hour ride. However, some sections are much smaller – so it is necessary to crawl on hands and knees.

Ceiling rooms often erode and fall into, hence the importance of wearing a helmet while exploring the veins of the earth. Brightly colored mineral deposits of iron and sulfur basalt line in the colors red, orange, yellow and crumble.

Occasionally, you will find small holes in the perspective of the surface, the mask of the death of a burned tree of the lava, leaving a hollow tube.

Volcano Adventure Meeting

At one point, we turn our lights and stick to each other and trying to move in total darkness. It is heavy and difficult to hit a few of us head on the ceiling.

It’s amazing to think of the lava strips that ran in these pipes, a few years ago. The volcanoes are much more than death and destruction, they also bring rebirth.

mineral cough Earth’s center and the new land mass on plants and animals are ultimately prosper.

Walking through the lava tubes of the Piton de la Fournaise on Reunion Island was deeply experience learning fun. I have a better appreciation of what Mother Nature is capable



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